As an ERP expert, it is quite clear that even the best systems will fail miserably without talent.  Don’t even bother to select and implement an ERP system if you don’t have the “right” people on the bus.  Start with executive support and continue on down through every position – it is a team effort.  

Since we’ve worked with many clients on ERP projects, it is quite obvious as to the impact people will have on your success.  Throw out the notion that ERP is a technical topic!  Instead, start thinking of it as a transformation initiative of substantial importance to business success.

There are countless ways in which talent will affect success.  To name just a few:

  • The sales team at the ERP software provider – let’s start with the people selling the system.  If they aren’t geared to educate you on their system and its fit, you can be sold “a bill of goods”.
  • The implementation team at the ERP software provider – there is little as important as the particular resources you partner with to implement your system.  Set it up sub-optimally and you’ll have enduring issues.
  • Your ERP team – since ERP can be such a time intensive process, the temptation is to assign non-integral people to the team since the day-to-day must carry on; however, this team is designing your future!
  • Your executive sponsors – these folks are in a critical position to understand the status, make critical decisions, consider the fit with strategy, supplement resources as required and much more.  It is not for the faint of heart!

If you’d like to ensure success with your ERP system, you’ll START by considering the people.  Put more time and thought into your talent – as much as or more than you put into evaluating functionality and you’ll be grateful down-the-line.