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Day-to-day business issues keep managers from thinking about supply chain strategy. But pausing to strategize will give you time to focus on the right priorities.

Have you thought about your supply chain strategy lately? Or, are you focused on the day-to-day supply chain issues that occur? My clients seem to focus 80% of their time on fire-fighting, much to their chagrin. Instead, we need to set aside specific time to think about supply chain strategy. Consider the following questions:

  • Customers’ locations – where are your customers located? Have you put them on the map?
  • Customers’ expectations – what type of service level do your customers expect? Do they have any other key requirements?
  • Suppliers’ locations – where are your suppliers located?
  • Supplier agreements – what types of agreements do you have with your suppliers?
  • Transportation partners – who are your transportation partners? Which areas do they service?
  • Industry – what does your industry look like? What specific requirements does your industry expect?
  • Market conditions – are there any market conditions you should leverage?
  • Risk – which risks are most likely to occur? How can your company account for them with your supply chain strategy?
  • Strategic advantage – what is your strategic advantage in the marketplace? How does your supply chain fit into it?
  • And there are many more – not all supply chains are alike. Think about what is most relevant when thinking of your supply chain strategy.

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