Taking a big picture view while simultaneously eyeing execution when implementing an ERP system will help companies not only achieve desired results, but do it quickly.

Situation:  Our client had implemented an ERP system several years ago. As is typical when a system is implemented, they implemented the basics and then took a break to run the business. Although you start out thinking of vast improvements and how you’ll automate all sorts of processes, getting the foundation working effectively with high levels of customer service and some level of efficiency typically takes quite a lot of effort.  The team is tired and needs to smooth out the day-to-day business.  Understandable.

The good news is that they were set up for the future with an improved base.  The bad news is that they didn’t know how to get from this new base to utilizing the improvements that would start to yield a return on investment.  Their ERP partner moved on to other customers.  Although they would return to work on improvements, our client wasn’t sure how to best utilize the ERP supplier’s expertise to jump to a new level of improvement.  Instead, they stressed as they watched dollars fly out the window as hours passed, discussing these improvements.  What could they do?

Path Forward:  The key challenge is in translation between business objectives, process improvements and utilizing advanced functionality to support them.  Most clients want to jump to one particular software feature (specific functionality) as the path forward that will cure all ills.  In 80% of the cases, the software alone will only automate a less-than-desirable process, providing substandard results faster.  Thus, the key is to find those resources in your organization or outside of your organization who can take the big picture view simultaneously with an eye to execution to figure out the best path forward, given your ideal business outcomes, your current situation (technology, process and skills-wise), technology advancements etc.  Clients that pursue this path not only achieve improved results but they also achieve them rapidly.