Teamwork, communications and shared objectives are essential for cross-functional collaboration and project success.

Cross-functional collaboration can make or break success. No matter how well a particular department or team performs, it is largely useless if done in isolation. Just like a car won’t go if you press the accelerator and the engine isn’t connected properly, a company won’t achieve results if the units and people aren’t connected properly. Here are a few questions to ponder:

  1. On a cross-functional project with two department teams, can one team/department be viewed as successful if the other one isn’t?
  2. Do your teams attempt to talk in the other team’s preferred style or in their own?
  3. Do the teams understand the objective and why cross-functional collaboration is required?
  4. Are team members rewarded for individual success or for cross-functional success?
  5. Are there opportunities provided to learn collaboration and communication skills?