A commitment to stellar customer service is an ongoing process in which resources need to be dedicated to continuous improvement and exceeding customer expectations.

In almost every client, trade association and trusted advisor meeting I attend, service emerges as a hot topic. In today’s Amazon-impacted world, our expectations are high. Although we might not complain, good service is no longer sufficient.

If you don’t meet and frequently exceed expectations, you will lose customers. There are countless options available and loyalty runs only so deep. Thus, it makes sense to put aside time to think over key questions with your team:

  1. Who is responsible for service in your organization? Are they able to impact service?
  2. How do you measure service success? And how does it align with how your customers measure service?
  3. Are your employees empowered to handle service requests without annoying approvals that delay the customer?
  4. Do you view ALL people who interface with the customer as key to service? For example, the truck delivery personnel, the service technician and the doorman?
  5. Do you know what your customers value – delivery on-time, in complete, quick turnaround, frequent communications, suggestions that aid the customer, etc.?