Incorporate ERP strategy discussions into executive meetings. It matters.

Lately, we’ve been called into several clients with ERP challenges that directly impact business growth and success.  Do you desire profitable growth?  If so, add ERP into your strategic discussions. Would you delegate a decision that could literally “make or break” your customer service, profit margins (or lack thereof) and ability to grow?  I think not! 

There has been a widespread need to consider ERP as a strategic topic.  For example, these scenarios have arisen in the last month:

  1. In one manufacturing company, the ERP system was holding them back from growing.  For a family-owned business, that is the equivalent of a noose around the neck!  
  2. In another manufacturing and distribution business, they couldn’t figure out their costs – this issue certainly provides challenges for profitable growth.  
  3. And in yet another situation, the ERP system wouldn’t support the business processes adequately and therefore would hold the owners back from getting away from the business (even for an extended vacation), let alone increasing the value of the business.  
  4. A complex enterprise also struggled to further utilize their system for management decision-making due to data integrity obstacles and the lack of flexible reporting.

As I enjoy stating the obvious (as one of my favorite clients used to say about me), none of these situations are desirable!  Instead of ending up butting your head against the wall, start thinking about ERP as a strategic topic and include it in your executive meetings.