We cannot tell you how many clients call thinking they need a new system to support their business when it isn’t true!  Certainly there is a time to upgrade to a new system – when you’ve outgrown your old one (often-times QuickBooks with add-on’s like Fishbowl), your old system is highly customized and unsustainable or you are in the midst of a merger or acquisition.  However, before jumping to the conclusion that your system must be upgraded, think twice.

ANY ERP transformation project will be expensive (more than you think!) and resource intensive.  With that said, it is an absolute “must” to support business growth and success in some situations.  Just make sure yours is one of them!

It is also quite possible to extend the life of some systems.  Is there a way to extend the life of your system?  We often find that there are options worth considering.  It is smart to think about the timing of your upgrade – and whether you can impact it.  When can you dedicate the resources to ensure success?  Of course, from one perspective, there is never a good time.  And, on the other hand, we have seen clients wait “too long”.  You do NOT want to be in that club either. 

Instead, complete a simple strategic analysis of your business situation and ERP needs and bounce them against your current capabilities.  The answer will emerge and just might “save you” either way – perhaps you’ll be able to extend the life of your old system and maintain focus on your business OR you’ll find out that if you wait any longer, your competition will pass you by.  Either way, it is better to be in front of it.