December 30, 2015

The New Year is known for resolutions and goals.  However, I concur with my consulting mentor – what’s the point of setting resolutions at the New Year?  What is magical about doing it on 12/31?  Absolutely nothing.  If you set a resolution, stick to it for a few weeks and then give up, are you any better off?  No!  Instead, think about creating a continuous process. For example, when I was a VP of Operations for a mid-market manufacturer, we set 3 goals per quarter and continually reviewed and revised with changing business conditions.  Why wait until the New Year to do what you should be doing continually?

One tip to implement this week:
The great news about following more of a logical path of setting goals and resolutions vs. making grandiose statements on the New Year is that the execution “sticks”.  Pick one to three things you’d like to accomplish (whether work or personal) and schedule them in your calendar.  It might be unlikely you’ll accomplish one of these with just one calendar occurence.  Start with what makes the most sense.  Plan how you’ll accomplish the goal or start with step one.  Then, day by day, make sure you are moving forward on these 3 goals.  Make it a part of the daily routine.  Put it in your calendar. Soon, you’ll accomplish far more than you ever did with a New Year’s resolution!