I just completed two Amazon reviews for two fabulous books on marketing topics: Marketing Above the Noise by Linda Popky and The Membership Economy by Robbie Baxter. I recommend both as “must reads”! Thus, I am thinking about the power of marketing. I find that my most successful clients prioritize marketing and branding. And, the most successful executives consider it a priority not just for business success but also for personal success. How about you?

I presented on the topic of personal branding at the APICS 2013 International Conference. Have you thought about your personal brand? What are you known for? Would people know what differentiates you from your competition? Would they know what you stand for? These are all elements of a powerful brand. Think about those people you know with a powerful brand – do business opportunities and personal success seem to follow them?

One tip to implement this week:
We can all do something about creating a personal brand. As a first step, think about what you are known for and what you’d like to be known for. How are you different than your colleagues? Your competition? What are your strengths? Ask your colleagues and friends for input. Sometimes we miss significant strengths our colleagues and friends see immediately! Ask – and take time to think.

Stick to your strengths to start. What do you want to emphasize? How can you build upon what is already known? Do something small to build upon your strengths, develop your brand and communicate your brand on a daily basis. You’ll be amazed at the results.