People are cornerstone to business success. LMA Advocates are acknowledged for their contributions to LMA Consulting Group on its 10th year of business.

As my initial newsletter subscribers know, Profit through People has been my focus since day 1! After 10 years of consulting, following 15 years in organizational life, it is apparent that PEOPLE are our #1 asset. Those leaders who leverage, engage and empower people thrive.

People are cornerstone to success. Apparently this shines through with everything I do and write. In 2013, it was time to give LMA a face-lift, and so we labored for days to develop logo options. I sent them to you for feedback and was thrilled with the vast # and specificity of responses; however, there was no clear “winner”. Less than an hour later, I received an email from my webmaster. He had read my email (since he typically posts my newsletters), and he thought the people element wasn’t emphasized enough (as he obviously had been paying attention!). He not only gave me that feedback but sent the perfect logo attached in the email. I promptly received rave reviews from you – the clear “winner”. Thanks Scott!

Clearly, this story indicates that my success is no different. I have FAR too many people who have supported me along the way (starting with my parents and a long list from there) to name them all. Therefore, boiling the list down to the 10 who had the largest affect on my business’ growth and success was extremely difficult. I appreciate the contributions of so many, and I will be in touch with each of you…..

Next, on to the 10 people I recognized as LMA Advocates at my 10 year celebration…….
(In alphabetical order)

  1. Andrea Belz: Andrea and I were accountability partners for several years during a crucial period of my business growth and transition. I’d send her a case study, bio or article, and she’d slash it in half while improving it! Andrea is also the person who introduced me to ProVisors (a group of trusted advisors to executives and business owners).
  2. Mike Brown: Mike is the reason I was able to start my consulting practice. He gave me the opportunity to be the VP of Product Supply for PaperPak and fought off Board members and the like who might have preferred a grey-haired man from Harvard running their operations; instead, he stayed true to his focus on values and results. He has also been very supportive of my business and has involved me in interesting business deals.
  3. Susan Brunasso: Susan has been one of the most supportive and customer service oriented people I know. I met her early on through the Claremont Chamber of Commerce, and I quickly discovered that she knows everyone – whatever random need I have, she will rapidly shoot off 2-3 referrals. Additionally she has been cornerstone to bringing me from text to visuals with photos and videos with extreme patience (starting off with 18,000 takes for 1 video…..)
  4. Jim Cenname: Jim is a a consummate professional, friend and many times repeat client who has been pivotal to my practice’s growth and success. He is truly a pleasure to work with and is committed to achieving results with an eye towards the value of people. He has also been instrumental in providing introductions, keeping in touch, giving feedback on my business and marketing ideas etc.
  5. Vicki Jeter: Vicki has been a trusted colleague and friend and has been instrumental to my business growth. When I look back at the origins of my business growth (and top sources), Vicki is tied for #1! She is also the catalyst for my Systems Pragmatist service line as she has the best business acumen tied with systems applications and design experience I’ve ever run across.
  6. Ellen Kane: Ellen and I met relatively early on through my APICS connections, and she has become a colleague, friend, ACA alliance partner and my 3rd top source/ catalyst of business growth with both referrals and collaboration (especially as it relates to my ERP selection services). She has got to be one of the most helpful and giving people I know which is why I always say that she is one of the only people who is “impossible to say no to”.
  7. Valerie Ladd: Valerie and I met when I joined the APICS Inland Empire Board of Directors in the very early stages of my consulting practice. Valerie epitomizes customer service and extends that to all of her relationships. Thus, early on, Valerie made introductions for me, was always there to lend an ear or provide advice / ideas, and was instrumental in getting me known in the Inland Empire. And I could not forget to mention that she has kept our APICS chapter intact with finances and is an unrelenting volunteer – just invaluable!
  8. K Means: K is not only a top-notch person and repeat client but she also shares knowledge readily – What a fantastic profession where you can provide value AND learn as you go (if you have someone like K in your corner)! K is also a fabulous combination of one of the best number-crunchers I know (her spreadsheets are truly amazing) and one of the most creative as well. She helped me put together my first graphic. Seems like a minor thing but a catalyst to my success!
  9. Jolene Myers: Jolene was my first long-term client, and I am most appreciative of her unrelenting confidence and support. We worked together at PaperPak previously, and she tracked me down early in my consulting practice to discuss working together (what could be better?!). Jolene has been extremely supportive, enjoyable to work with and when I look back at the origins of my business growth (and top sources), she is tied for #1!
  10. C.C. Vest: C.C. and I met early on in my LMA tenure via NAWBO. We kept in touch throughout the years, and later collaborated on selecting the optimal ERP system to support her company’s goals. C.C. and Dan were a true pleasure to work with (couldn’t ask for better!), and C.C. has been exceptionally supportive of me and my business at every turn – introducing me to people, suggesting events to attend, providing recommendations and referrals – and the list goes on….

Wouldn’t you say I am very fortunate? I value these people (and many, many others) and am extremely thankful.

I’ve yet to meet a long-term successful leader who didn’t value people. Have you told your team of their value lately?