I’ve been thinking about growth as I’m getting ready to celebrate my 10th anniversary of LMA Consulting Group, and as I’ve been partnering with several clients who are in high growth mode lately. If you aren’t growing, you are declining. Unfortunately, staying the same doesn’t work. You must choose a path.

How focused are you on growth – of your business, of you sales revenue, of your skills and experience? Which factors are most important for growth? Certainly, it starts with people – do you have the right people on your team? It also relates to strategy and plans. How do you plan to grow? Do you have any unique advantages to support your growth?

One tip to implement this week:
Growth starts with a state of mind – and vision for a company. One easy-to-implement tip for the week is to think about growth. Whether an executive or a worker bee, you can impact growth. Think about how you can impact the company’s growth. If you interact with customers, can you find new ways to collaborate and/or provide service that goes well-beyond expectations? If you can impact Operations, can you help find ways to free up capacity so that you can support growth? At the very minimum, can you find ways to increase your skills so that you are better equipped to support growth of your company – and your personal career? I guarantee if you start thinking about growth, you will find small ways – and even BIG ways – to spur on growth.