I attended the Renaissance Executive Forums all-members meeting last week, and one of the keynote speakers was a consultant I know from my affiliation with a global consulting association. It’s a small world!  His name is Alex Goldfayn, and he is the author of the Revenue Growth Habit.  He is a successful consultant on, not surprisingly, increasing revenue, and I was especially intrigued by how easy he said success can be – it’s just whether we choose to follow the plan.  One of his tips is simply to follow up.  Somehow I don’t think we need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out; however, how many people follow up?  Not nearly as many as you’d think!  According to Alex who has worked with countless organizations, a simple follow up will increase revenues by 20%.  It certainly seems worth it.  Obviously the same type of statistic holds true regardless of why you are following up.  Why not give it a try?

One tip to implement this week:

I have a special affinity for this tip because it has been one of the reasons behind my success.  I gained this insider’s tip from my mom, and it has certainly paid off.  I can’t tell you how many millions follow-up has created for my clients’ bottom lines.  It seems almost too simple to be true but it is just not a common practice.  Thus, the good news is that we all can make a dent in implementing this tip immediately.

Look through your tasks for the week.  Are there some that will more likely be successful or set up to be successful if you followed up?  Start there.  Think about last week’s activities.  Should you follow up on any items?  I am sure you have at least one!  Consider how you could help your manager, colleagues or Board members/ corporate officers be more successful if you were to follow up on an important project.  Don’t delay – move at least one item forward an inch TODAY!

May 22, 2017