My cat Smokey decided stretching out on my computer was a good idea.  He can rest almost anywhere!  I think cats have the right idea about rest in that we all need to take a bit of time to rest and recuperate now and then.  Perhaps you’ll be doing that this Memorial Day weekend or just take a few hours of your day from time to time.  I had a lighter week this week in terms of meetings and so I felt rejuvenated after getting all sorts of website updates done and to my webmaster while also taking time to enjoy lunch at my favorite restaurants (Ihop, Olive Garden and Casa Moreno).  No one has time!  You have to make the time so that you’ll be more effective afterwards…..

One tip to implement this week:

The good news is that it is quite simple to rest; however, it is rarely done (at least in my circles).  Think about your particular personality traits – are you one that rarely stops working and is always thinking about the next task?  Do you know what you want to do to relax or simply never thought about it because there was no time?  Strangely enough, understanding what works for you is important.  Not everyone is alike.  What I consider rest would be taxing for my best friend – and vice versa.  

Don’t just think about your next two week vacation.  You need rest frequently.  What can you do that is quick but restful?  As I said, I enjoy taking myself to lunch – and often enjoy sitting outside.  You might like to take a walk around the block at lunch or on a break.  One of my good friends does this and takes pictures on his lunch break because he loves photography.  Or how about taking a drive to clear your head?  Or simply escaping to read a book for 30 minutes might do the trick.  Figure out what works for you and START doing it.  Don’t start with long stretches because it will probably be impossible to maintain.  Instead, start small and see if you feel more rejuvenated.  Smokey certainly does!

May 26, 2017

© Lisa Anderson