Supply Chain Management – Manufacturers Need to Keep Innovating

Supply Chain Management – Interview with APICS-IE Chair Lisa Anderson

Industry leaders in manufacturing and logistics met to discuss ideas and viewpoints surrounding the need for continuous innovation. The symposium featured an executive panel discussion and the opportunity for regional manufacturing and supply chain representatives to network and collaborate with a focus on the future success of the factory sector
Manufacturing and supply chain leaders from throughout Southern California convened recently at a symposium in Corona to discuss the vital role of innovation to the long term growth of the factory sector both regionally and nationally. The event was presented by the Inland Empire chapter of APICS (APICS IE).

In an interview for California CEO and Manufacturers Corner, Lisa Anderson, a supply chain consultant and president of APICS IE said that innovative companies reduce inventory, generate cash flow, create customer loyalty, reduce lead time and maintain higher margins than their competitors. “I see innovation as a way of raising the bar as opposed to problem solving where you start at a standard performance level, solve a problem and get back to it. Innovation takes you to a whole new level of performance,” Ms. Anderson remarked.