Published November 10, 2014

On Saturday, my APICS (#1 trade association for supply chain management) chapter hosted our 2nd annual fall executive panel & networking symposium. I’ve heard feedback that it was our best one yet (as we’ve also held 3 spring symposiums to date). The panelists held engaging discussions on the Amazon Effect: the Critical Importance of Customer Service, and attendees were able to network and build relationships with other manufacturing and distribution professionals.

What a difference a team makes! Last time, I was a bit frazzled as there were just too many items to do the morning of the event (and I’m not even a morning person!) – and, it showed (at least to those who know me). Even though the team has always been great, this time, we pulled together in an exceptional way. For example, instead of scurrying around to adjust details, I was able to greet guests and make sure I was ready for the event. I want to THANK the team. One person picked up items at the printer. Another assembled packets. Another got there early to do whatever was needed to keep things flowing. Another put name badges together. Another got everything ready for registration. Another coordinated with the servers. And the list goes on…..

One tip to implement this week:
Gather your team together. You’ll be surprised what can be achieved when everyone pulls together. As much as I live and preach the power of teams everyday with my clients, it’s easy to not value the power of teamwork enough. ASK your team for feedback, input and to help. It can be as simple as that – ASK!

Of course, the backbone of success is to value your team. Don’t worry if you don’t have a team. Create one. At APICS-IE, we are all volunteers. It’s no different than having to ask colleagues to join in at work. Appreciate team members. Ask their opinion. Listen to their advice. Promote the value of what you are achieving together. For example, at the symposium, we brought together a diverse community for value-added programs, education and relationship building. That is certainly more interesting than updating registration lists!