Published November 2, 2014

It just so happens that I’ve been on several trips this month for work and tourist stops/ getting together with good friends. Seattle is the latest in a series of enjoyable long weekends. It certainly has a different feel from New York and New Orleans although wonderful in its own way. Instead of beignets, it has Starbucks. Rain or shine (which has a very good chance of leaning to rain), Seattleites seem to love Seattle. Do you have passion for where you live everyday?

Thanks to my best friend from high school and college, Sandi, we went on a wonderful chocolate tour of Seattle. Who wouldn’t like eating 16 or so different tastes of chocolate while learning about history? The tour guide was cheerful and passionate about Seattle and chocolate. She made the tour at least 5 times better than a chocolate tour would be – which should be quite good anyway! Do you have a passion for your job?

One tip to implement this week:
Think about the elements of your job. Which do you love to do? Is there a way you can do more of what you love to do? I find, sometimes it’s as easy as asking. Can you suggest ideas to your boss? Can you become more efficient so that you can spend more time focusing on new ways to do the parts you love?

How about those who have zero passion for their job? Give it a legitimate chance for a specified period of time. If you still feel the same way, CHANGE careers or change companies. That’s why we should all pursue continuous education so that we have freedom. Life is too short to be bogged down in something you dislike – or even hate.