Published September 19, 2014

Home Depot has been in the news lately about the recent data breach. It turns out that it is FAR bigger than Target’s data breach. 56 million cards might be affected. This is the latest in a series of big retailers woes with data security. How prepared are your systems to fight off a data breach?

Security is often overlooked when thinking about supply chain management; however, it shouldn’t be! There are countless options for security issues throughout today’s complex supply chains, let alone the popularity of e-commerce. Do not overreact and make your supply chain inflexible; however, it is worth taking the time to consider your strategy.

One tip to implement this week: Take a few minutes out to get your key team members together to think about data security – and the topic of security in general. Where are your most likely vulnerabilities? Focus in on your top 3 potential issues to ensure they are secure and/or make them secure. Remember your supply chain partners. If your partners have vulnerabilities, it won’t matter who caused the issue if it affects your customers.