Work amounts fluctuate but busy times are guaranteed. Set the work tone with calm leadership so team members don’t panic during hectic periods.

Every week is busy, don’t you think? We always think next week will be better, but is it? Doubtful. Another corporate priority arises. A customer wants to tour your facility. An employee calls in sick. Month-end reports are due. We are bombarded with data. Who knows what else might happen! If this is the status quo, the key is how to lead effectively during these busy times.

We have found that it is most effective to go against the tide. Haven’t you found that the most successful person is zigging when everyone else is zagging? Certainly in almost every stock market crash, everyone was in a panic to buy while the market was hot. So, how do we go against the tide with leadership during busy times? Remain calm.

Our clients with the best leaders remain calm under the most pressing of circumstances. Of course, when it rains, it pours. Thus, customers will not spread their issues out evenly throughout your week. Your machines will all break down at once – on 2nd shift when your supervisor calls in sick. How can we encourage our teams to remain calm yet act aggressively and proactively to resolve issues and raise the bar? Have you thought about implementing standards and processes? However, they will fail miserably without consistent leadership to back them up. Build resilience and flexibility into them. Stay on top of what is happening. Monitor progress. Celebrate successes. Provide opportunities for your people to succeed. Most will rise to the occasion.