In our eBook Emerging Above & Beyond: 21 Insights for 2021 from Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Technology Executives, two technology executives discuss the critical importance of personalization. With the dramatic rise in e-commerce during the pandemic and experts agreeing that it will only accelerate, hyper-personalization has emerged as a differentiator.

Kalon Stephen, Regional Vice-President at Salesforce, Inc. talked about the importance of investing in digital commerce technology and optimizing order management capabilities. He also discusses the importance of personalization with artificial intelligence. In fact, a progressive client completely aligns with this position and is investing in an ERP upgrade as well as a B2B/ B2C platform for growth because they believe it will drive growth and differentiation.

Tim Harris, Chief Strategy Officer at Arbela Technologies focused on the trend of hyper-personalization with the rise of e-commerce. He also said the right customer data platform to understand your prospective buyers and customers increased in importance with this trend of hyper-personalization. Innovation in this arena was the more robust in 2020 than in any other year.

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