“Consultants have faced many challenges during the business upheaval of the past year,” said Executive Director Lisa Anderson. “We wanted to identify and reward an individual who has used creativity and innovation to stand out during this time period—either in their own business model or in how they are able to positively impact their clients.”


The Society for the Advancement of Consulting® (SAC), a leading association of global consulting professionals, announced today that nominations are now open for its an annual award honoring two consultants who have advanced the profession in the previous year.

The Corrie Shanahan Memorial Consulting Awards are named in memory of longtime SAC member Corrie Shanahan, who passed away in 2019. Corrie Shanahan was an expert in rapidly strengthening organizational performance, productivity, and corporate culture.

Change in Focus for Awards

This year, in addition to honoring the consultant of the year, a second award will be given to the individual who has displayed outstanding creativity and innovation.

To be eligible, individuals must be independent business consultants who generate most of their income by working directly with clients, and they must be members in good standing of SAC.

Factors that will be considered in evaluating applicants for the Consultant of the Year will include degree of client success, innovation, advocacy and growth through association, and resilience. Applicants for Creativity & Innovation Award will be evaluated on a consulting innovation or the development of new intellectual property they’ve applied to their own business or to client support. This innovation could benefit clients, the consultant’s business, or both, and it may be completely new, or a bold new take on an existing best practice.

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