Lisa Anderson, a consultant for supply chain operations worldwide with LMA Consulting Group, says at the start of the pandemic every industry felt the crunch.

On a good day, Chris Gray, partner and vice president of Skyline Attractions, is able to outsmart a supply problem by turning back time.

Tapping into a bevy of resources and a deep network of manufacturing connections, the Orlando-based ride manufacturer is sometimes capable of nabbing a critical ride replacement part by calling companies on the West Coast and making the most of the time difference.

“Know your West Coast branch contacts if your [East Coast contact] is already closed for the day,” says Gray. “That extra cost in shipping sometimes is worth every penny and then some.”

Skyline Attractions, like other suppliers in the attractions industry, has established supply chains for everything. Gray’s includes everything from machine shops and hardware suppliers to partners who handle painting and coating. The end goal of any supply chain is to obtain the goods needed to keep a company’s inventory stocked and customers happy.

Adding a global pandemic to the mix, however, has left many industries finding new ways to keep inventory current, fulfill orders, and remain operational.


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