I talked with the Courthouse News Service about the supply chain impacts retailers are experiencing with the coronavirus pandemic, and was quoted in their article “Texas Grocery Store Chain Does a Bang-Up Job Against Coronavirus”. It is an uplifting story about a supermarket that is navigating this crisis successfully, and it speaks to preparation and collaboration. I love that they struck deals with their beer distributors to help deliver eggs. The food industry is somewhat used to these types of issues with recalls etc.; however, it is great to see H-E-B do well! Read the article here.


The secret society of toilet paper hoarders has retreated to their dank lavatories leaving rolls a plenty at Texas grocery stores. And business is booming for the Texas chain H-E-B thanks to a pandemic plan 15 years in the making.

Run on eggs? H-E-B struck deals with beer distributors to help deliver eggs to its stores.

Meat flying off the shelves? H-E-B ramped up its packing plants to 24/7 and pared its selection down from hundreds of different cuts to the top 50 sellers.

Nelly Medina works in the deli at an H-E-B in the Houston suburb League City. She said that due to the coronavirus, the company set up a hotline so employees, whom it calls “partners,” can call and speak to someone on its medical board if they feel sick or paranoid about the virus.

“Right now H-E-B is feeding all the partners. They get fed every single day. Chick Fil-A, Popeye’s, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, a lot of stuff,” Medina said.

“You don’t feel like everybody is panicked. I mean, I feel like we’re not in an emergency, we’re in a party time over here. Because all the time we’re eating. It’s a place we’re going to work, but at the same time we enjoy the time we’re there.”