Sticking with my theme of obstacles, I thought I’d discuss common roadblocks – many times, half the battle is identifying potential issues.

  1. An employee feels threatened – one of the most common causes of project roadblocks is when an employee feels threatened. Who might worry about how a project will affect his/her job?
  2. A priority conflict occurs – As everything seems important, how do we handle conflicts? Do you know which people or departments might have a conflict upfront? What can you do to prevent them?
  3. Lack of information – Are your employees equipped with the information required to effectively address issues? Have you provided training? Access to help/ experts?
  4. Inputs vs. outputs – Do you measure time and tasks yet expect results? Or do you focus on results and encourage flexibility and creativity in how to “get there”?
  5. Miss-matched measurements – If there is anything that arises most frequently, it is that metrics and measurements do not encourage the behavior the leaders say they want. Do you say you want to encourage better customer service but measure dollars shipped vs. satisfied customers?