For a better return on your investment select the ERP system based on which is most compatible with your business processes vs. technical prowess.

ERP systems are not of much value by themselves; however, if you leverage the appropriate functionality to support your business, it can pay back rapidly with business growth and value. The key is to select the “right” system for you – a good “fit” for your business.

I find that my ERP selection projects are far more focused on business processes than on technical specs. Actually they can boil down to answering the following question: Which business processes (and related system functionality) are integral to achieving your strategy and providing a competitive advantage? Focus in on just those critical requirements.

For example, one of my clients is a battery manufacturer. In their business, traceability is a must. If a battery explodes in a cell phone, they must be able to trace the lot and serial number without delay. Thus, although finance functionality is needed, it does not matter if the system cannot support rapid and flexible tracking abilities. What are your critical success factors?