Skills Gap

The Skills Gap is Alive and Well in California

Job openings are still on the rise in California but for supply chain so is the skills gap, which is a hiring headache that then shifts the attention on employee retention.California was responsible for 1/3 of all new jobs added in August in the nation!  I see this on [...]

The Project Managers Skill Gap

With manufacturers and distributors finding it increasingly difficult to find top talent, bridging the skills gap has become a leading managerial task for success and even survival.According to a recent survey, 87% of manufacturers and distributors cannot find the skills required to successfully run their businesses. These results didn’t surprise me [...]

Learn from German Success: Apprenticeships to Fill Skills Gaps

Published September 12, 2014 According to today's Wall Street Journal, although there is federal and state attention being placed on building apprenticeship programs to fill the skills gaps, it is off to a slow start. According to my research, 87% are experiencing skills gaps. Why not consider options to [...]

Making Your Company Attractive to Potential Employees

Published August 1, 2014 According to today's Wall Street Journal, employers have added over 200,000 jobs for six months in a row. Employers are ramping up investment in their businesses again. I'm seeing my clients realize that they need to fill skills gaps especially with today's complex supply chains. [...]

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University Students Get Into Product Development

Published in Thomas NetNews July 22, 2014 Manufacturing Lisa Anderson, founder and president of LMA Consulting Group in Claremont, Calif., says universities can serve as invaluable resources to manufacturers, especially in today's tight qualified labor market. "According to a survey my firm conducted, 87 percent of manufacturers and distributors [...]

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An Immediately Implementable Tip to Retain Your Top Supply Chain Talent

Published July 11, 2014 According to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 63% of CEOs in 68 countries are concerned about the future availability of key skills at all levels. This not only supports my firm's skills gap research but also is proven true on a daily basis with my clients, [...]

The Skills Gap: Putting the Spark Back in Manufacturing

As I discussed in my Skills Gap research report, there is a significant disconnect between what companies need and what they have.  It is worrisome for our future if we cannot find a way to close this gap.  Of course, I have suggestions stemming from retention to hiring to [...]

The Skills Gap

With an increasingly complex business environment, businesses need to know how to resolve skill gaps in their workplace The skills gap is a rapidly growing issue for manufacturers and distributors. Almost every day that I go into a client, go to a trade association meeting or talk with colleagues, [...]

Communications Rule!

Too busy to communicate? Research reveals that communications skills are lacking in the manufacturing and distribution workers. As much as we know that communication is critical, we often ignore this key area. We are swamped with daily work, getting the month's sales shipped out, learning the latest technical gadget [...]

Virtual Teams a “Must” in New Normal

Advances in telecommunications have created a new normal business environment that allows collaboration across functions, sites, organizations, and oceans—and continually raises customer expectations. Are you ready for 2014?Managing traditional supply chain teams will no longer be enough! Instead, in order to thrive in the new normal business environment, learning [...]

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