Lisa Anderson, LMA Consulting, as one of the top writers about ERP. Assessing the existing system and the possibility of a new system requires understanding the business, what ERP systems can do and what the company needs.


There are thousands of ERP blogs available now.

The ERP market is so filled with ERP experts providing advice on systems that it can often result in information overload for the reader. 

We’ve researched and read hundreds of ERP blogs to find which provides the best experience for the reader in terms of expertise, readability, and general usefulness.

We’ve assessed the blogs based on a number of factors, including:

  • The frequency of posts, and how up-to-date they are.
  • The content itself including how original, insightful and useful it is.
  • The writing style; how readable the blog is, and if it’s easy to understand.
  • How the blog is presented; the layout, blog design, and font choices.

There are 3 different categories:

Best Writer for anyone writing anything on ERP. 

Best Vendor Blog for any blog operated by an ERP vendor. 

Best Independent Blog for any blog not owned by a vendor but anyone else such as consultants, analysts, and enthusiasts. 

From our research, we’ve selected what we consider to be the top ERP blogs in each section.

The best ERP blogs 2022 (