Supply Chain Disruption

The pandemic certainly brought supply chain disruptions to the forefront. People who never gave supply chain a thought were suddenly focused on the topic. Early in the pandemic, I was interviewed on Rip City Sports Radio about toilet paper and later by Bloomberg about supply chain disruptions and the potential for reshoring. As the semiconductor chip shortage and global disruptions such as the Suez Canal debacle hit the scenes, it has only increased the focus. But what can we DO about these issues?

Global Supply Chain Experts for a Panel Discussion

As part of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting, I participate with a special interest group of top-notch supply chain consultants from around the globe with expertise and clients from Europe to North America to the Pacific Rim. We support clients ranging from small and medium size closely held businesses to private equity backed companies to global enterprises and advise them on strategies to successfully navigate the changing global landscape.

In addition to the most recent and obvious disruption caused by the pandemic, there have been many others. For example, the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami, the Icelandic volcano and ash cloud, US-China trade wars and Brexit created significant down-the-line impacts. There is no telling what the next disruption will be yet we better get prepared. What prevention, mitigation and contingency measures do you have in place? Join us for two free webinars with panels from Europe/ North America and Pac Rim/ North America to discuss and debate these topics.

Listen to the panel discussion. 

    What would you like to ask about supply chain disruptions? Feel free to contact us with your questions and input as well.

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