Companies went global for the past few decades with a gusto to save labor costs. The pandemic jolted many Executives eyes open to the risks in the global supply chain. Suddenly, companies were reevaluating their global footprint with an eye to cost, risk (supply chain, geopolitical, etc.), customer performance, etc. Reshoring and nearshoring has taken off in North America and Europe, and the global supply chain is “on the move”. Supply chain assessment, reconfiguration, and optimization have become hot topics yet we are interconnected globally from a natural resource, rare earths, logistics, and manufacturing viewpoint. So, what does that mean for the future of the supply chain?

Our expert panel of manufacturing and supply chain consultants and experts will discuss the current situation, what key clients are experiencing, and talk about life after globalization. We will debate whether globalization is dead, moving to a hybrid process (similar to the future of work), or if the conversation is hype with global remaining intact. These industry experts/ supply chain consultants will talk through the future of the global supply chain and what that means for clients. We will address where clients should focus and what they should be thinking about to successfully navigate these turbulent and changing waters to thrive for decades to come. Listen to our Pac Rim/ North America and Europe/ North America perspectives on life after globalization.

Meet the panelists.

September 13, 2023
PacRim/North America Perspectives

September 21, 2023
Europe/North America Perspectives