Special Report: How Companies Should Reshape to Succeed in 2023 & Take Advantage of Huge Opportunities Coming Down the Pike

The world remains in chaos and businesses are conflicted about what to do. The next year will separate the market leaders from the rest. We talked with top notch trusted advisors about what their most successful manufacturing, supply chain and technology clients are doing to not only succeed in 2023 but to prepare to take advantage of the huge opportunities on the horizon. Twenty-seven trusted advisor experts discuss what companies need to do to reshape in 2023 to thrive for decades to come.

Insights from 27 Trusted Advisors

There is much going on in the world from navigating stubborn inflation to fears of recession to geo-political risk. In addition to my foreword (executive summary), we cover a wide variety of key topics impacting manufacturers, distributors, retail, and healthcare including:

  • Commercial relocation
  • Cyber
  • Geopolitical & natural resources risk
  • Human capital – Planning & scheduling, labor law compliance, talent
  • Insurance – Commercial
  • Logistics (airports, cargo, distribution, global supply chain, ports)
  • Marketing – Artificial intelligence & communication
  • Manufacturing – Nearshoring (Central America, Latin America, Mexico, etc.)
  • Manufacturing – Reshoring
  • Manufacturing – Offshoring (India)
  • Manufacturing – Talent
  • Supply Chain – Software, artificial intelligence, sourcing & architecture, mitigating risk, process & people
  • Technology – Artificial intelligence, infrastructure, ERP, the customer experience

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