Clients on the fast-track with technology advancements are surpassing the competition during COVID and are likely to speed by them post COVID. This is the topic of a special report I contributed to that was published by Compass magazine “Agility in a crisis: Manufacturers equipped with virtual-experience technologies stepped into the COVID-19 supply gap“.

According to Accenture, 94% of Fortune 1000 companies were experiencing supply chain disruption due to COVID-19 by March 2020. Talk about a steep percentage! The need for adaptability and responsiveness quickly drove priorities. Those already on the road to the digital transformation have fared better than the rest. The report provides examples and talks about the benefits of digitally enabled operations, modern collaboration platforms, the strategic use of data in combination with IoT and predictive analytics, the use of augmented reality glasses and the advantage created with the use of a virtual twin. Read about these concepts and related examples in the article.

Should you try to catch up and implement these technologies? Yes and no. Do a quick technology assessment for your digital transformation journey and what will add value to your customer experience and bottom line. Only then will you know where to prioritize resources. If you are interested in this type of technology assessment and roadmap to drive manufacturing and supply chain value, contact us to discuss your situation and objectives.

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