Why does the strategic supply chain matter? This is the topic of a recent collaboration with a global group of top supply chain consultants. We wrote an eBook available for free download (and is available for purchase on Amazon), “Thriving in the New Business Environment: Why The Strategic Supply Chain Matters“.

Clients are asking whether they should reshore, reevaluate sourcing networks, carry additional inventory, set up dual sources of supply, partner with local and/or regional companies and much more. These issues relate to strategic questions and cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. What is clear across the board is that it is time to rapidly assess your situation and determine priorities for the next normal that will meet your strategic and business objectives. Thus, we put together this eBook which is the first in a series about thriving in the new business environment.

Our first eBook focuses on where we began (thinking back to the times of Henry Ford), how supply chains flattened out and then went global. JIT and Lean hit the scene, and then Amazon transformed the customer requirements with the need for flexible, responsive and resilient supply chains. This led to global crises creating disarray in supply chains. We wrap up this first eBook by talking about where supply chain will go next and what executives should be thinking about. Get your free download here

I’m interested in if you are reevaluating your supply chain network or plan to do so. Please take a quick 1 question poll, and you’ll find out what your colleagues are doing.

Read more about product supply strategy and related concepts in our eBook, Future-Proofing Manufacturing & Supply Chain Post COVID-19. If you’d like a rapid assessment and recommendations for your situation, please contact us.

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