Because your supply chain has a long and important reach from suppliers to customers, it is one of your key areas to strategize to ensure profitability.

Only if you want to ensure results! My view of supply chain is from your suppliers’ supplier through your manufacturing processes (internal and external) to your customers’ customers. Thus, very little is not impacted by it. How could you not include this critical piece in your strategic thinking?

The good news is that I’ve seen a continual evolution of the last several years where it has gained in strategic importance. More and more, the leaders of supply chain are being given a “seat at the table”. The tricky part is that it can be known by many names – Operations, Product Supply (that was my title when VP of the supply chain as described above), Materials Management and many more. No matter what you call it, include these key people in strategy, key decisions and forming the future of the company.

The supply chain has a dramatic impact on several areas of the company – the ability to grow and “keep customers promises”, profitability, cash flow, and customer service. What could be more critical to success?!?