One of the keys emerging from APICS 2017 wasn’t from a session; instead, it was seeing the value of your cross-functional network.  Since I’ve been a member of APICS for over 25 years and actively involved for over 10, of course I see a wide variety of colleagues while at the conference.  This year was no exception.

Have you taken a step back to think about the value of your network?  There is no doubt about it that my network is my #1 asset!  I bet that is true for the vast majority of the most successful executives.  I know it’s true for the ones I talk with on a frequent basis.  Beyond your network, have you thought about the cross-functional nature of your network?  

For example, I had interactions with the following types of people and networks while at APICS 2017:

  • Clients – it was fabulous seeing Shannon Reininger and catching up with war stories and more!  Shannon is top notch (see us with Shannon’s colleague below).
  • APICS colleagues who are top notch trainers such as Sue Franks and Maryanne Ross – they are always on the leading edge of how to gain the best learning from the APICS materials.  My consulting practice is quite different from these folks’ practices, and so it is always interesting to learn more about the art of training.
  • APICS colleagues with a specialty with large corporations and interactive training events – Debra Hansford stands out in my mind.   And she is one crazy Broncos fan! 
  • Student case competition participants – one of APICS Inland Empire’s teams, Harvey Mudd College, represented the West Coast at the global student case competition.  It is interesting to hear their thoughts as well those from their mentor and professor, Kash Gokli (already pictured in my intro).
  • Consulting colleagues who I collaborate with (and only the BEST) such as Diane Garcia (see below)
  • APICS leaders such as Jerry Gonzalez
  • Meeting new connections such as the speakers and more….

Several of these folks are dramatically different – not only in profession but also in terms of age, background, interest and more.  There is something to be learned from almost every situation, every supplier, every customer, every employee, every trusted advisor and more.  Are you looking for these opportunities?