Leverage Social Networks to Drive Business Results

I’m frequently asked which social media tool is best for those who want to get started.  For manufacturing and distribution professionals, undoubtedly, it is Linked In!  One of the most recent statistics I’ve heard is that there are more than 259 million Linked In users – and, even more powerfully, there are executives from all of the fortune 500 companies on Linked In.  Who wouldn’t start there?

Linked In is well known for being a great place to find candidates and to search for jobs; however, this is a small portion of its power.  I see the value in using Linked In as a tool for locating, developing and maintaining relationships.  Since my view is that we are all in the relationship business, what could be more important?

So, how should we start?  First, sign up for Linked In.  It’s as easy as typing in your name, email address etc.  Next, link with your core connections:  Who are your colleagues?  Who did you go to school with?  Who do you work for?  Who is involved in your community?  You’ll definitely find enough to get going.  Then, start to have conversations with your connections.  Be interested.  Offer value.  Last but not least, find one group to join in an area of interest to your career.  Listen and observe conversations.  When you’re ready, start answering and asking questions.

View my recently recorded webinar on how to leverage and work your social networks to build connections and ultimately, your business.