Rushing forward without pertinent tools and processes can hinder your business goals. A systems pragmatist will gain traction by strengthening fundamental areas.

As I’ve been going through my hundreds of articles to put together the 100 tips, it’s become obvious as to which topics resonated with me as essential to delivering bottom line business results. Here are a few highlights from the process and systems perspective:

  • Base processes – Too often, the foundation is overlooked. A simple yet essential starting point.
  • Process improvement – You can use tools such as Lean, the Toyota Production Systems or just uncommon common sense. Look for areas to improve.
  • ERP Selection – Focus on critical success factors and the rest will fall into place.
  • Leverage ERP – How do you utilize ERP to increase margins, reduce lead times, accelerate cash flow and improve efficiencies?
  • Technology – Don’t fall in love with technology for technology’s sake; however, which technology will help you improve your business performance? Focus there.
  • Project management – Little in terms of processes and systems will get done if you don’t focus on project management.