The Disney Experience

Disney understands the customer experience.  I still remember going to the Main Street Electrical Parade when I was a kid and loving every minute.  They do such a great job of the total experience (lights, acting, music, showmanship and more) that it will probably be my favorite forever.  Thus far, I haven’t seen better!

Do your customers truly enjoy your customer experience so they wouldn’t even think of going elsewhere?

The Customer Expectation

Recently, I spoke on a panel titled, “Speed to Delivery: Goods Movement’s High-Tech Future” at Mobility 21, Southern California’s Transportation Coalition’s annual conference.  As one of our panelists, Walmart’s Senior Director of Sustainability – Logistics, said customers expect far more then ever before, from immediate delivery to the total experience (inclusive of putting groceries away whether the customer is at home or not).  Technology plays a vital role in making this into reality.     

What Is Your Company Doing About It

Are you thinking beyond your customer requirements to the total experience?  Whether aerospace, building products or consumer products (such as food and beverage), every customer expects more.  What are you doing to make sure they don’t even think about going elsewhere?