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Enabling Scalable, Profitable Growth with ERP, CRM and Related Systems

We are experts in enabling scalable, profitable growth by knowing when it’s the ‘right’ time to upgrade your ERP, CRM and related systems and assessing the ‘right’ software and ‘right’ partner for your unique situation.  Unfortunately, too many leaders wait “too long” with dire consequences although it’s understandable since it is a significant investment. And, on the other hand, we also see clients who jump “too soon” to conclusion that the ERP system is the issue since it disguises itself nicely when the real issue is strategic, process or leadership oriented. Beyond timing, we are expert in identifying the key business requirements that support your profitable business growth over the next 5-20 years and assessing ERP systems in that light instead of getting caught up in the “bells and whistles” that look quite important when sitting in a demo.  And, lastly, if you don’t have the “right” partner, the rest will not matter!

Since timing is such a factor on executive’s minds, let’s go into it a big further. It is quite tempting to wait “too long” to instill the appropriate infrastructure to support scalable, profitable growth because it is one of the largest investments (time, resources and disruption) they’ll undertake; however, the repercussions of waiting too long are dire – lost and unhappy customers, actively disengaged employees, potentially hundreds of thousands or millions in lost opportunities and/or losses. We have been called into “too many” of these situations by clients – although the situation can always be improved, the lost time, money and unhappy employees and customers can be staggering.

In typical ERP projects, 80% fail to deliver the expected results. If that wasn’t bad enough, the level of effort, change and disruption on the organization are high. Thus, pursuing an ERP upgrade when a few tweaks to your current system would yield success is an equally great risk. Thus, our role is to assess where you fall in that spectrum, the optimal timing for your upgrade and we “stack the deck” in your favor. Our clients have said it was the best money they have ever spent to gain comfort and minimize risk, let alone the upside opportunity for scalable, profitable growth. If we find you don’t yet need an upgrade, we help you leverage your current system for success. If you do require an ERP upgrade, we help you flip the success equation on its head – maximizing your return on investment and minimizing your risk!

What Differentiates Our ACE ERP Approach?

Our ACE ERP Process simplifies the complex to focus in on just the essential elements to deliver endgame results:

  1. Critical Success Factors – although identifying your full set of business requirements is a “must”, the focus should be on just the select few critical success factors that drive your differentiation in the marketplace, are nuances in your industry or profit drivers to your company which directly relate to your ERP, CRM and related systems is the 80/20 of success.
  2. Align – identifying your critical success factors alone will not flip the success equation on its head. We must align these critical success factors to ERP functionality, the appropriate levels of investment to achieve our business requirements (not “too much” or “too little” as either is equally dangerous) and the best fit ERP partner to support implementation and sustainability – no small feat!
  3. Endgame results – in order to ensure endgame results, we need to prepare for significant change and disruption.  We provide an insurance policy of sorts with your investment by providing the ‘right’ advice at the ‘right’ time to avoid the typical pitfalls, prepare and involve your employees in the process design at the appropriate points in the process, prepare executives for the harsh realities that will likely arise so that the appropriate support can be provided to navigate successfully while strengthening these base processes with sustainability.

Don’t Listen to Us.  Hear What Our Client’s Say

Dan Vest, Co-owner, Midpoint Bearing
Boake Paugh, CEO West Coast Corporation

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"Lisa advised us in the compilation, selection and launch of a new ERP system. Her depth of knowledge and experience were very beneficial, and she is a professional, dependable and easy to work with!"
Laura Salvatore-Goike
Director of Finance & Human Resources, QC Manufacturing
Value-Add in ERP Selection
"We were happy with her recommendations and the outcome of our ERP selection project! Lisa is well-versed in the latest software packages and implementation strategies."
Douglas Roy
Director Finance, ESL Power Systems

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