Lots of people are complaining of Zoom fatigue. Do you have Zoom fatigue? It can be a challenge to be in front of a screen and camera for 8-10 hours a day. After all, there are some days I don’t have time to eat, get a drink or use the restroom. I have to plan getting ice because it is too noisy. That is quite crazy! I absolutely loved the Brady Bunch when I was young, and so it seems I have gotten my wish. Be careful what you wish for….no, actually there are more advantages of Zoom and other platforms, and we are more effective and are gaining quicker and better client results than pre-Zoom; however, it always helps to figure out a happy medium that “works”. What are you doing to ensure you remain energetic and focused?

One Tip to Implement This Week:

I wouldn’t ask a question if I didn’t have a few ideas :-). With that said, I welcome your input and feedback and will share with our subscribers.

  1. Pick up the phone:Although Zoom meetings are ideal in many situations (and it isn’t nearly as valuable without the camera), there is something to be said for also picking up the phone. Executives prefer it frequently.
  2. Schedule breaks: By all means, you have to add breaks into the schedule more frequently for Zoom meetings. For an upcoming conference, we are keeping 10 minutes at the end of each hour for a break.
  3. Use breakout rooms: Breaking into smaller groups for more intimate conversations can go a long way. Find ways to break up the meeting with this type of interactive discussion.
  4. Mix it up:We need to go the extra mile in mixing it up. Use mixed media. Change the agenda. Ask for feedback. We get bored for long stretches.
  5. Schedule an action meeting upfront :Perhaps suggest a conversation while going for a walk or cooking lunch. Obviously you cannot schedule a session that requires notes (unless you record) but it could be a welcome change to your meeting participant. I personally would love to have a meeting where it is OK for me to eat!
  6. It isn’t all or nothing: I have a client where we share screens and discuss progress without cameras. For meetings that require screen sharing, does it add value to have your camera on every time? Probably not. I have to say, I always look forward to this client because I can actively participate and yet not starve!

Consider these strategies to stay engaged in achieving profitable growth and making an impact. Read more about these types of ideas to navigate and successfully emerge post COVID-19 in my free eBook Future-Proofing Manufacturing & Supply Chain Post COVID-19. Please send your feedback and stories. I will incorporate into an article, video or interview.

Stay safe & healthy.