I toured the Los Angeles Times last week and was impressed with the automation.  Although newspapers seems like an old business, it was impressive in pure size and volume with minimal people. The business sprawls 2400 acres and is run with 200 people.  There were robots to move huge rolls of paper through the facility.  There was automated equipment that brought the papers from the machine to the next room over where it was compiled into stacks.  We were fortunate to go inside a paper machine and see just how fast the paper ran by (although the example below was stopped at the time).

Certainly, the LA Times invested in automation.  However, when I asked that question, the answer was that most of this technology wasn’t new.  I find this is true with clients as well – it’s interesting how often what can seem like ‘old’ technology can provide vast improvement to the status quo.  Have you looked for opportunities lately?

One tip to implement this week:

As much as we love to talk about the latest and greatest technology such as artificial intelligence or drones, the majority of the time there is a vast opportunity to implement technology that might be less exciting and/or considered ‘older’ but one that will improve productivity, profitability and the like.  Have you looked at your already-existing assets for new uses?

For example, I’ve implemented vendor managed inventory or collaborative inventory planning with customers many times throughout my career because it provides a win-win in HUGE proportions.  It isn’t new but it achieves significant results – shorter lead times, better service, lower costs, less inventory, etc.  What can you do in your business that would achieve a similar result?   Think about automation.  Push the envelope in thinking.  And, remember, some of the best ideas come from unlikely places and with unlikely tool sets.

© Lisa Anderson