Earlier this week, I attended a conference for a day in Carmel, California. The rolling hills, green grass and inviting outdoor eating (sometimes with amazing ocean views) can be quite majestic! Also, the last few days in Claremont have been absolutely sunny and beautiful, even while running errands driving around town. It certainly lifted my spirits to take notice of what surrounds me. Do you think this type of view can give you a push towards a positive state of mind? And, have you noticed that those team members with a positive state of mind are more successful – and more importantly – enjoy life more!

One tip to implement this week: 

I realize we all do not live in an idyllic setting like this one; however, we are all surrounded by beauty of different types.  Have you opened your eyes to see what’s around you?  Even in the opposite of sunny California, we can find settings and people to help put us in a positive frame of mind!  For example, I’ve learned that people who live in Seattle love rain, and so my guess is that they would consider a picture of rain and mountains an idyllic setting.  However, even if they don’t love rain, I can’t imagine how they wouldn’t see the beauty of Mt. Rainier and the surrounding area!  But, if that occurred, find a beautiful picture to hang in your office or something that puts you in that positive frame of mind.  Similarly, in Chicago (where I lived when I was a child), it is probably cold, windy and snowy; however, Lake Michigan is likely to provide a great setting.  No matter the place, I’m sure you can find something – or someone – that is interesting, different or beautiful.

Indoors at work, there will not be these types of settings although you could put a few screen savers on your computer of any place from around the world as one of my clients did.  At a minimum, you undoubtedly have an interesting co-worker.  If you don’t, look harder.  I have yet to work with a client without at least someone who added spice into the day.  Sometimes you have to be looking for the interesting setting, co-worker or customer to see them.  Have you walked through your facility and not even noticed who you walked by?  I admit; I’ve done it before.  Why not pay close attention tomorrow?

Lisa Anderson

February 19, 2018