Earlier this week, I went on a tour of the Toyota North American Parts Center and had the opportunity to see the Toyota Production System techniques up close. It is always amazing to see that no matter how many millions are spent on technology (which I saw plenty of!), the key to success resides with the PEOPLE! That is one of the tenets of the Toyota Production System.

One tip to implement this week:

There is much that can be achieved rapidly in leveraging Toyota Production System techniques – no matter your industry or role. The idea is to capture the ideas of the people closest to the action – whether those interfacing with the customer, delivering to the customer, or producing quality parts on the line. And to empower them within reasonable guidelines for success. It sounds quite easy yet it rarely is achieved and sustained.

Start by putting together a group of colleagues to discuss improvement ideas. What can you do to make things easier and more successful for your customers? Can you add value without adding cost? What could you do for your colleagues who receive your work product? Are there ways you can be more efficient and safe? Or can you add clarity and visibility into the process? Just brainstorm ideas. Next you’ll pick one and get started.

© Lisa Anderson

February 25, 2017