March 15, 2016

In today’s Amazon-impacted world, if you cannot make rapid yet effective decisions, you’ll be left in the dust. It is no longer acceptable to wait for IT to write a report in order to make a decision. Executives must have the “right” information at their fingertips to guide their companies to success. Does your company have this capability?

I find that it is often called BI (business intelligence). Sometimes it is called dashboard reporting. Certainly those executives who have access to a dashboard with graphics and capabilities to slice and dice information in order to make decisions have an edge. Less often, it can be referred to as navigating “big data”. It can also be plain vanilla reporting – so long as the information needed is available, it doesn’t matter what technology or manual process is going on in the background! With that said, every ERP selection project participant requests information at their fingertips literally – on a iPhone, Samsung or iPad.

One tip to implement this week:
You might think implementing BI is the way to go. Although it can be part of your solution, it is extremely unlikely to occur in a week. So, how could we make progress this week? Identify your requirements.

Start simply by looking at your business, your function or your day-to-day job. What information do you need to make effective decisions? Start to think about what is needed to make those decisions and document your requirements. I guarantee it will be more than half the battle to know what you need! You’ll then have a far easier time translating those into BI reports rapidly.