September 25, 2017

Last week, I attended a Styx concert at the L.A. Fair – what a powerful event!  The band has been around for 45 years and still enjoys singing together!  It was apparent in watching the concert.  They really took the positive spin on their commentary and truly enjoyed singing their classics such as my favorite, “Come Sail Away”.  Since I started on a quest to see some of the “greats” while they were still singing the last few years, I have something to compare. Thus, it is obvious that although all of them sang their greatest hits, Styx stood out in enjoying their greatest hits.  What a difference loving your job can make!  Take a look at the grand finale……

One tip to implement this week: 
Why not take a positive attitude to your job/ career – after all, you probably spend more time doing that than anything else most likely!  Try putting a positive spin on whatever happens this week at work and see what happens.  You might find that it is a lot more enjoyable!  You also might find that there are some interesting people you hadn’t really noticed before.  Take a genuine interest and let me know how it goes.  If it still happens to be miserable, perhaps you should get out.  No job is worth misery!    

Have you thought about “catching your colleagues doing something right”?  Recognize them.  Beyond your colleagues, perhaps look for where your manager / boss  or Board member has gone out of his/her way to make your situation better.  Appreciate it.  Now for the hardest of all – look for where your most annoying team members (no matter their position) is doing something right.  I wouldn’t be surprised if 80% of us had a much better week this week!