Supply Chain Briefing

According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump met with chief executives and promised pleasant surprises with NAFTA and talked about upgrading the federal government’s computer systems.  According to the chief executives in attendance, innovative ideas emerged.  I would love to be a fly on the wall in listening to this group of business leaders think through what could contribute to success.

On the topic of NAFTA, there has been much speculation.  Lately, the consensus is that there will be moderate changes proposed.  How is your business related to NAFTA?  Do you collaborate with customers and/or suppliers in Mexico or Canada?  Are you prepared for likely tweaks?

What Should We Consider and/or What Impacts Could Arise?

As is apparent, there are no clear facts on how NAFTA will change; however, we can make some educated guesses.  Will there be additional costs to bringing products and materials across the borders?  Most likely.  It certainly doesn’t seem as though it will be huge but sticking our head in the sand to this potential outcome doesn’t seem smart.

Take a look at your supply chain.  How are you likely to be affected?  What risks should you account for?  Is there a way to prepare with minimal spending that will set you up to leverage advantages from the likely moderate changes to occur?  Why not prepare for success?  Don’t wait for clarity.  Consider what is likely, gather your team and think through how to set your company up for success with the most likely outcomes.

April 12, 2017