Innovations in service and product delivery have heightened consumer expectations. In a business climate where yesterday’s strategies could dwindle customer satisfaction imaginative, bold ideas are vital.

In today’s world, Amazon and mega distributors like Amazon have turned the way consumers purchase on its head!  Who knew Sunday deliveries would be possible – delivered by the Post Office no less!  Rapid delivery is commonplace.  If you aren’t thinking about how to UP your value AND deliver quicker, you will be passed by your competition.

Amazon has changed the way we view service.  They know their customers.  Gather information about their customers’ preferences and utilize that information to provide value add services customers don’t know to ask. However, once the customer receives the value added service, there is no turning back.  It becomes a necessity.  This is true for my family.  My parents discovered that I could order items via Amazon and get next day and even same day delivery, and now they are disappointed when I can only achieve two-day delivery.  Who knew?

None of the service improvements would be possible if Amazon didn’t start with strategy.  They became the powerhouse in terms of product choices.  Books, kitchen sinks, clothes, whatever you want, you can find.  In essence they’ve simplified the shopping experience by putting everything you can think of in one place.  Why would you go anywhere else?

Since Amazon impacts are prevalent in manufacturing and distribution businesses, my firm conducted a research study on these impacts and dug deeper into which we should pay attention to.  If you’d like to learn more about the results from my Amazon effect research study, please reserve your free report and sign up for my webinar where I’ll go one step further with strategies for leveraging the Amazon effect in your workplace.

Take a step back to think about Amazon’s strategy and how you can incorporate ideas into your business.  Instead of being passed up, leapfrog your competition.