Manufacturing and supply chain expert, Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., discusses data intelligence and global supply chain at the Pacific Region Quality Conference.

After the successful Quality Conference last year Pacific Region proudly announces the PRQC 2021. The conference features presentation & panel discussion from talented speakers as well as an opportunity for networking with fellow Quality Professionals. This year’s Conference will commence in the month of August and November.

Spread the word among coworkers, friends, or anyone you know that might benefit from attending this event. With an impressive slate of speakers on Saturday and networking opportunities galore; there will be a plethora of “take-a-ways” for everyone.

Focus Areas:

  • Embracing AI Applications in Quality: Novel applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for improving and futureproofing quality operations through digital transformation.
  • NextGen and AI: How can artificial intelligence be helpful to make a successful career in Quality for Next-Gen Professionals. How can companies utilize the next generation’s unique skill set to maximize the power of AI or help accelerate quality training for the Next-Gen workforce.
  • Applying ChatGPT in Quality: How to harness the seemingly limitless possibilities of ChatGPT to improve and streamline current quality practices. Finding new ways to leverage ChatGPT to add value and skills to the current quality workforce. This tool can be used by quality professionals for learning, coding, interviews, test scenarios, data generation, code reviews, reading through information and answering it. The possibilities are endless.

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