I am thrilled to announce that I have published a book on SIOP (Sales Inventory Operations Planning), also known as S&OP and IBP (Integrated Business Planning).

Why is SIOP VITAL to Success?

I think our introduction says it well, and so I’m going to give you a preview.

As I look at the chaos that has occurred in the supply chain the last few years and its negative impact on service, growth, and profitability, I see a need for a proven process. The SIOP (Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning) process, also known as S&OP, is the answer. It shines a light on what is needed, engages all departments across the organization and proactively aligns demand with supply to enable growth and profitability. SIOP creates predictability in revenue forecasting and builds an operational rhythm that ensures the appropriate strategic and tactical decisions are made to drive EBITDA growth and working capital improvements.

You need SIOP if you have ever said, “Why is all this inventory on the shelf yet we don’t have what we need?”, “How will we ever make this sales plan?”, or “Will our customers trust us to deliver?”. These are clear signs that Sales and Operations are not aligned.

SIOP provides the playbook to avoid pitfalls, navigate changing conditions, and grow the business. For example, recent SIOP wins include a rapid 40% increase in business growth, a drastic on-time-in-full (OTIF) improvement of 54%, and a 50% reduction in inventory (which made Finance happy) while maintaining customer service levels (which made Sales happy).

As I believe manufacturing and supply chain will be cornerstone to success in the decades to come, I wanted to share this exciting guide and associated best practices. A special thanks to my co-author Diane Garcia and to the entire LMA team especially Liz Cruz, Jesse Dalton, and Cindy Orshonsky who have been instrumental in helping clients implement SIOP programs to successfully navigate supply chain chaos, achieve bottom line results, and, most importantly, engage their employees.

How Do I Get a Copy?

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