The Power of Databases

July 24, 2015 I've been working with a client recently on a SIOP (sales, inventory and operations planning) program. We are gaining access to powerful information that will help them hire at the "right" time (not too early - and, more importantly, not too late when considering growth & [...]

Slashing Lead Times to Counter the ‘Amazon Effect’

Must you compromise quality for speed? Reducing lead time will increase customer satisfaction and avoid the Amazon Effect. My recent research report on the Amazon effect says that 67% of manufacturers and distributors feel customer service gaps when compared to Amazon-like offerings. One of those key areas is lead [...]

Types of Capacity

Businesses with growth ambitions have to gauge the current capacity of every facet of their facility to plan future productivity. Capacity is a critical element for any business – and especially those interested in growth! A good place to start is to understand your capacity, which can mean different [...]

How to Be Prepared for GROWTH!

June 22, 2015 If you are related to aerospace, you've probably heard the GREAT news that the world fleet will double in size over the next 20 years. Based on which news you read, the estimates are between 32,000 and 37,000 planes. Now that is growth! The same type [...]

Manufacturers See Critical Importance of Collaboration

June 15, 2015 According to a recent KPMG survey on the Global Manufacturing Outlook, executives are thinking about innovation. 81% are altering their business models to to encourage collaboration with customers, suppliers and other partners to "improve the value of their innovation investments". Speed is critical. Thus, a key [...]

Lisa Anderson and LMA Consulting Honor Advocates Who Contributed to 10-Year Business Success in Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Originally published on Expertclick on June 11, 2015 LMA Consulting Group and Lisa Anderson celebrate ten years in business by acknowledging 10 individuals who contributed to the many key accomplishments supporting supply chain, manufacturing, distribution, SIOP and ERP consulting business made in the last decade. The LMA Advocate Award [...]

I’ve Run Out of Space!

The quickest, most practical inventory solutions happen with teamwork. One of those frequent and frustrating problems with growth can be space.  Who has heard, "I've run out of space!  What should we do?".  Unfortunately it is not uncommon. The problem with this situation is that there are numerous causes [...]

ExpertClick: Supply Chain and Manufacturing Expert Lisa Anderson and LMA Consulting Group Celebrate 10 Years in Business

Originally published on ExpertClick on May 27, 2015 LMA Consulting Group and Lisa Anderson celebrate 10 years in business along with many of the key accomplishments that have been standouts in supply chain, manufacturing and distribution. Anderson, who was recently named to the top 100 best global supply chain [...]

Where Should I Start to Ensure Demand Planning Success?

It’s easy to feel lost when you have no direction from customers about their own sales projections. Get a clearer picture through demand planning. 80% of companies are not in front of their demand. How can you decide what to plan for if you don’t know where you are [...]

Your Customer Comes 1st

Believing you understand your customers’ needs can differ vastly from what they actually want. In the end though, the customer gets what the customer wants, whether from you or your competition. As I thought about an appropriate topic, I was reminded of the importance of starting with your customer. [...]

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