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When to Upgrade Your Systems: the Southwest Airlines Holiday Debacle

It depends. Being the first to upgrade for each new fad is a waste of resources for little, if any, benefit. On the other hand, if the upgrade supports your ability to serve customers and grow profitably, it will become a "must".

Have You Thought About Whether You are Maximizing the Use of Your ERP System?

Explore the factors to consider before deciding on an ERP system upgrade: when to maximize your current system and when to pursue a modern, scalable solution.

Do You Know What is Important in Selecting the Right System?

Are you prepared to make a good match with ERP software suppliers? Start with understanding what your business needs are and whether the ERP software is a match. ERP systems often fail to live up to their promise - even in the best of circumstances. It is a tough [...]

Project Requirements Documents – Why Bother?

Published in "Project Times" website, June, 2011 Click here for original article. In today’s new “normal” business environment characterized by lackluster sales and strained liquidity with elevated customer expectations, there is no room for project failure.  Companies need every dollar of increased sales or reduced costs in order to [...]

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