ERP Selection & Upgrades

Common Pitfalls to ERP Project Success

Published in "Project Times" website, February, 2010 Click here for original article. As we are beginning to emerge from the recession, I've noticed that there has been an uptick in interest for ERP implementations. Of course, we are nowhere near the interest levels of pre-2000; however, businesses are beginning [...]

ERP Implementation: Secrets of Success

Published in "Project Times" website, December, 2010 Click here for original article. During the recession, many ERP (enterprise resource planning) system implementations have been put on hold.  Now that we are emerging from the recession, companies are beginning to think about implementing – even if not a full implementation, [...]

Lessons Learned: ERP Failure

How effective is your ERP selection and implementation process? Published in "The ACA Group" website, November, 2011 ERP system implementations fell off the grid during the recession; however, I've seen resurgence in the last year. Companies are thinking about investing again. However, although businesses are picking up, they are [...]

Successful System Implementations

The multifaceted task of implementing a successful ERP system starts with selecting the “right” system and having a cohesive, adaptable strategy. As strange as it might sound, the software and its features is typically the least important ingredient to success. Instead, focus on... Just the critical few key requirements. [...]

Leveraging Your ERP System

Another way to succeed in today's new normal is with innovation and leveraging already-existing assets. As I thought about leveraging ERP systems for a speech I gave earlier this month, I thought a few tips and questions to ponder might be of value: Improve service: how can you utilize [...]

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Can You Prevent ERP Implementation Chaos?

Achieve expected returns from your ERP implementation by following three keys to success. I've found that noticing and acting on trends can be a key to success from both a professional and personal perspective. Lately there have been plenty of trends to notice; however, a noteworthy one is that [...]

Tips from System Upgrades

I'm seeing a trend of increased interest in leveraging additional business systems functionality in order to increase efficiencies, profits and customer service levels, and since I just completed an Accounting system upgrade, this topic is on my mind. It's all about the people - even though upgrading a system [...]

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Preparing for a New System

I've seen a steady increase in ERP selection, implementation and utilization projects as executives want to fully leverage the tools available to drive business results. However, a new system can be a significant undertaking. Only those who prepare will succeed. Document business processes - Start by documenting what occurs [...]

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